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In a World of Increasing Commoditisation, Think Group helps Your Company’s Business Models get unstuck.

The forces of commoditisation on your company’s Business Model are now growing at the speed of information. Two hundred years ago, before industrialisation, your competition was your neighbour at the local market selling the same hand-crafted goods. One hundred years later the industrialised economy introduced the mass production Business Model and economies of scale that allowed competitors from distant cities to compete.

In today’s post-industrial, digital economy the world is both your market and your competitor.  The result; all business models are being commoditised.  We are all stuck in the present (and for many, the past) looking for how to go where the future is headed. It is no longer the case of big companies eating up smaller businesses, rather in today’s economy the fast will simply overtake the slow.

Think Group | Management Consultants

What will it take for your company Business Model to become upstuck? Our key driver here at Think Group is to find the leverage point your business that, when disrupted, would generate a breakthrough. Our core process can be broken into three simple steps:

1.       Strategic Thinking – Generating Business Model Options – What might happen?

2.       Strategic Decision Making – Making Business Model Choices – What will you do?

3.       Strategic Planning – Taking Action – How will you do it?

Business Model Framework

Think Group | Management Consultants

Organisations, companies and industries face continual extinction pressures, and there is two ways in which this can happen. Either slowly or fast, most are only looking at the later but fail to make changes in their Business Model to factor in the gradual change over time. As entrepreneurs we can look back over our business careers and see the signposts, but it takes discipline and methodology to paint the various Business Model scenarios that will determine your company’s future state.   The question we ask of you is……’who do you have in your corner optimising your organisations Business Model? Maybe its time to talk…?