The essence of a business model is that it defines the manner by which the business enterprise delivers value to customers, entices customers to pay for value, and converts those payments to profit: it thus reflects management’s hypothesis about what customers want, how they want it, and how an enterprise can organize to best meet those needs, get paid for doing so, and make a profit.

Business Model Generation, written by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, co-created by 470 practitioners captures the essence of how an organization creates and captures value. This framework is the basis of the consulting work that Think Group engages with both CEO’s and Boards as well as entrepreneurial business owners.

The books three main points:

It presents a business model framework, based on nine building blocks, that is widely used by practioners today and it summarizes many popular management theories using the same framework.
It uses visual thinking and design in a way that is novel in business literature, and provides several workshop ideas for companies that want to get their hands dirty applying the tools presented
It provides many interesting examples of companies that have successfully innovated their business model