Improving Team Culture Do I really need to improve team culture within my organisation? If you’re asking this question then let’s take a check-up from the neck-up. While this is about Team change – we need to begin with ourselves and part of that is to become easy to work with…and for. Someone once told […]

How Using Construal Level Theory Busts Mental Blockages Dan Pink brought this to my attention in a recent blog post headlined “3 tricks for solving problems faster and better”. Dan leads with the thought that it’s easier to come up with an idea for someone else than it is for ourselves to solve a problem. This […]

What Makes Effective Leaders One function of a board of directors is to ensure that the company is being run by the most competent and effective leader at its disposal. According to new research on leadership and group dynamics from Wharton management professor Adam Grant and co-authors Francesca Gino of Harvard Business School and David […]

Bethlehem Steel Productivity Secret When Charles Schwab became President of Bethlehem Steel in 1903, he made an unusual offer to his consultant, Ivy Lee: “Show my staff and me a way to get more done in less time and I’ll pay you any fee within reason”. Without batting an eyelid, Lee offered to give Schwab […]

The Golden Rule I have an MBA from the University of Canterbury – a lot of time and money went into those three letters and I still consider it a worthy investment as does Dan Pink. Dan goes one further and offers advice on a four word MBA on his blog. Dan take it away; “Talk […]

Mate, I Want A Hoodie Here at Think Group, we keep up to date with thought leaders around the world and one that we value and resonate with is Dan Pink. In Dan’s blog post, Steve Akers of Louisville writes in:     “I know from your blog that you like signs, so I’m attaching […]