Facilitating Innovation is a Game Changer This week has our own Air New Zealand showcase how they’re facilitating innovation by changing their Value Proposition. Air New Zealand showcased their new Boing 777-300 ER which they’re heralding as introducing at least five game-changing developments. Up to now, the airline industry had delivered three major innovations in the […]

Ephemeralization, see how Intel latest investment taps into this Ephemeralization was coined by R. Buckminster Fuller and is the ability of technological advancement to do “more and more with less and less until eventually, you can do everything with nothing.  I’m not so sure that Intel will ever let their chips sell for nothing, however, […]

Innovative Ways To Earn Money With Chocolate Over at Board of Innovation, they have written a great article on how young people have the greatest and most creative ideas. In it, they asked students at Antwerp Management School to think of new and innovative business ideas to make money with chocolate. So what did they […]

Can the Nokia N8 win me back? So while I’ve played the field, my first love has always been Nokia. Can the N8 win me back? It’s not technology, but what you do with it. Nokia sticks to its knitting and comes up with a very clever ‘little’ film about Dot, all made on a […]